About Us

WIN brings together women from all walks of life from different ethnic, religious and non-religious backgrounds. It supports them in joining and creating local groups that undertake a diverse range of activities of mutual interest.

Dismantling stereotypes and building trust

It is only by engaging with each other that we are able to recognise our own strongly-held beliefs and begin to dismantle those stereotypes and build understanding and trust, to replace ignorance with knowledge and prejudice with friendship.

WIN has no religious, political or commercial affiliations and welcomes people of all faiths (or none) and all parts of society.

Welcoming everyone and promoting dialogue

WIN was founded in 2003 by Lady Gilda Levy and Pinky Lilani CBE, DL as a result of the 9/11 bombings. It drove them to create WIN to emphasise the vital role that women have to encourage understanding and create safe spaces for dialogue.

At WIN we believe that no child is born with prejudice, bigotry and hatred. They are taught these evils and it begins in the home at a very early age. If we can influence the perceptions of the women in the family who, in the majority of cultures, still do most of the early stage caring, we are sure that the children in these homes will be given a more balanced, humane and respectful view of other people that are not of their community or culture whether it be different faith, colour, race or sexuality.

WIN is a registered charity 1103676 in England and Wales.