Information About Groups

WIN has supported the establishment start up and maintenance of grass-roots groups throughout the UK. Today we have a number of established groups in London and across the South East of the UK and our aim is to support our existing groups, as well as develop new groups throughout the UK.

How are groups set up?

Local women approach WIN and ask for our support after attending an inspiring event or meeting our current members. Based on our experience of developing and supporting groups, we have found that a group requires a core group of at least four or five committed people who are prepared to take on committee roles.

How do I join a WIN group

Click here to see if there is a group in your area or contact Head Office for more informaton at

How do I form a new WIN group

If you are interested in forming a local WIN group in your area, please click here.

What do WIN groups do?

You can browse through our previous events page here to see a sample of what different groups do. However there is no prescription for what groups do. Some meet monthly, others quarterly and others more frequently. Activities have included visiting faith centres, developing a Cycle of Life programme - where people of different faith groups share their knowledge about birth, adolescence, marriage, divorce, old age and death, poetry and song evenings, sharing meals, faith friendship walks and many other activities. Group activities are as varied as the interests of the group members.

Why should I join a WIN group?

WIN will enable you to meet women from different backgrounds, faiths and cultures. It will help you challenge your own preconceptions and make you more open and aware of other women's lives and backgrounds. It's a very exciting challenge but in a friendly, safe and supportive environment. It’s a place where you can meet new women from your local area, make new friends from communities that you would never have thought possible, build your self-confidence and give you new perspectives on life.