List of Vacancies

Expert Marketing and Communications Volunteer

The volunteer will work with the team to develop a plan to maximise benefits for WIN members in addition to contribute to the organisation’s ongoing sustainability. 

Group Liaison volunteer

WIN is looking for Group Liaison Volunteers in Kent, Surrey and East Sussex who will have a great deal of interesting work with the WIN groups in those areas. If you live in these areas or are willing to travel there on a weekly basis, please contact WIN at this email link for further details: Here is linked to an email address 

Social Media Volunteer

WIN is seeking someone who is willing to research and prepare tweets and postings for WIN Social Media. This will require about eight hours of week and can be done from home or at the office. If you are interested in this post please click here

Research Intern/Volunteer

WIN is seeking an Intern or Research volunteer for a minimum period of four months to evaluate the work of WIN among its members. If you are interested in applying please click here