In this series, we are sharing short interviews with the WIN team to give some insight into who we are and our unique ethos. This week’s subject is WIN Chair and Co-Founder Lady Gilda Levy.

What’s your WIN origin story? 

Being first generation in this country and the child of refugees who came here to escape HItler and the Nazis, I am very aware of the dangers of prejudice and hatred. I co- founded WIN with Pinky Lilani to try and do my best to combat these evils.

How has interfaith dialogue shaped your life, either personally or professionally? 

I have learnt so much from the women that I have met through WIN. They have opened my eyes to the similarities we have and the treasure of difference.

What has been the project or event you’ve been most proud of in your time at WIN? 

I feel that virtually everything we organise has been inspiring, with each event having it’s own merits and focus and appealing to different aspects of our membership. Particularly during the pandemic we have done some very important Zoom events, especially regarding domestic abuse.

Are there any upcoming projects you are excited about?  

I am really interested in developing a WIN Awards Scheme and of course in the upcoming All Of Our Shadows film and schools programme launch.

What brings you joy outside of work? 

I enjoy my family, my dog and the friends I have made through WIN.