The #WINwomen Project 2021-2022

We are now coming to the end of our year-long #WINwomen project. #WINwomen celebrates inspirational women alive today,  who we think have created exceptional change within their community or in society as a whole. Ranging from STEM research and human rights advocacy to entrepreneurship and education, the project has shone a light on the amazing leadership shown by women in an incredible variety of fields and addressing a wide range of social issues. The final list acts as an inventory of incredible women to follow and support as they continue to work for change around the world.

International Women’s Day 2021

Sinéad Burke

Disability advocate, author, contributing editor for Vogue and founder of Tilting the Lens consultancy.

  • Twitter: @TheSineadBurke
  • Instagram: @thesineadburke

Olivia Hancock

Young activist campaigning for women’s inclusion in football.

  • Twitter: @LittleOlivia7
  • Instagram: @oliviahancockfootball

Naomi Dickson

Chief Executive of Jewish Women’s Aid

  • Twitter: @soldier_in_slip

Amika George

Period poverty activist, author and founder of Free Periods.

  • Twitter: @AmikaGeorge
  • Instagram @amikageorge

Nzambi Matee

Environmentalist and founder of Gjenge Makers, turning waste plastics into building material.

  • Twitter: @nzambimatee_ke
  • Instagram: @nzambimatee_ke

Dr. Ola Abu Al Ghaib

Manager of the UN Partnership on Persons with Diasbilities and board member of Global Disability Innovation Hub and the Disability Rights Fund.

  • Twitter: @AlghaibOla

Cecelia Chung

Human rights advocate campaigning for HIV/AIDs awareness and treatment, LGBT+ equality and social justice.

  • Instagram: @cecilia_c_chung
  • Twitter: @smallglimpses

Leymah Roberta Gbowee

Nobel Peace Laureate and founder of the Gbowee Peace Foundation Africa.

  • Twitter: @LeymahRGbowee
  • Instagram: @leymahgbowee

Wendy Olayiwola

Senior NHS nurse and Chief Nursing Officer for the NHS BAME Strategic Advisory Group

  • Twitter: @wendyolayiwola

Nadia Murad

Yazidi advocate and president of Nadia’s Initiative

  • Twitter: @NadiaMuradBasee
  • Instagram: @nadiainitiative

Earth Day 2021

Nemonte Nenquimo

Indigenous activist, envrionmentalist and co-founder of the non-profit Ceibo Alliance.

  • Instagram: @nemonte.nenquimo

Dr. Sylvia Earle

Oceanographer, documentarian and passionate advocate for protecting the world’s oceans.

  • Twitter: @SylviaEarle

Nguy Thi Khanh

Founder of Green Innovation and Development Centre and campaigner for renewable energies.

Isatou Ceesay

Gambian social entrepeneur and founder of One Plastic Bag, known as the ‘Queen of Recycling.’

Archana Soreng

Indigenous climate activist and member of the UN Youth Advisory Group on Climate Change. 


  • Twitter: @SorengArchana
  • Instagram: @archana.soreng


World Refugee Day 2021

Andrea Ayala

International Human Rights advocate and co-founder of ESMULES and Global Independent Refugee Women Leaders.

  • Twitter: @AndreaMAyala1
  • Instagram: @lesbianheroe

Razia Sultana

Rohingya activist advocating for the rights and welfare of Rohingya refugee women.

Alphonsine Kabagabo

Director of Women for Refugee Women, a charity advocating and amplifying the voices of women refugees.

  • Twitter: @AKabagabo
  • Instagram: @alphonsinekabagabo

Mursal Hedayat

Co-Founder and CEO of Chatterbox recognised as one of Forbes’ “30 Under 30”.

  • Twitter: @mursalhedayat
  • Instagram: @mursalhedayat

Dina Nayeri

Iranian-American writer and author of ‘The Ungrateful Refugee: What Immigrants Never Tell You’.

  • Twitter: @DinaNayeri
  • Instagram: @dinanayeri

International Day of the Girl 2021

Jakomba Jabbie

Advocate for girls’ education and participation in STEM.

  • Twitter: @JabbieJakomba

Ridhima Pandey

Pioneering environmental activist and member of the Youth Advisory Council for COP26.

  • Twitter: @ridhimapandey7
  • Instagram: @ridhimapandeyy

Isidora Guzman

Accessibility activist and founder of Encuentra tu Lugar.

  • Twitter: @IsiAnto23
  • Instagram: @laisi_teincluye

Ella Briggs

The former first LGBT+ Kid Governor of Conneticut, USA.

  • Instagram: @s_milesofrainbows

Amy and Ella Meek

17 and 15 year-old sisters and founders of award-winning charity Kids Against Plastic.

  • Twitter: @BePlasticClever
  • Instagram: @kidsagainstplastic

International Week of Science and Peace

Victoria Nyanjura

Advocate for survivors of sexual violence in conflict, founder of Women in Action and founding member of the Global Survivors Network.

  • Twitter: @VNyanjura

Rajaa Altalli

Co-Founder and co-director of Syrian NGO the Center for Civil Society and Democracy.

  • Twitter: @Raaja_Altalli

Chanda Prescod-Weinstein

Theoretical physicist specialising in dark matter research and feminist science studies and co-leader of the 2020 Strike for Black Lives.

  • Twitter: @IBJIYONGI
  • Instagram: @chanda.prescod.weinstein

Adi Utarini

Pioneering public health researcher working to combat dengue fever


  • Instagram: @adiutarinimusik

Interfaith Week 2021

Prof. Azza Karam

Secretary General of Religions for Peace and Professor of Religion and Development at Vrije Universitet in Amsterdam.

  • Twitter:@Mansoura1968

Justina Mike Ngwobia

Ruling elder of the Nigerian Presbyterian Church, KAICIID fellow and founder of the Women’s Peacebuilding Network.

  • Twitter: @NgwobiaMike
  • Instagram: @justina_ngwobia

Sohini Jana

Conflict analyst, president of West Bengal Council for Mediation and Dispute Resolution and co-founder of the Online Circle of Compassion.

  • Twitter: @sohinijana7
  • Instagram: @sohini.jana.7

Rev. Sr. Agatha Ogochukwu Chikelue

Chair of the International Women’s Coordinating Committee for Religions for Peace and of the Women of Faith Peacebuilding network.

International Day of Education

Angelique Kidjo

Internationally renowned ainger-aongwriter, Unicef Goodwill Ambassador and founder of Batonga Foundation.

  • Twitter: @angeliquekidjo
  • Instagram: @angeliquekidjo

Leila Smith

CEO of Australian non-profit foundation Aurora Foundation, serving Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander youth.

  • Twitter: @leila_smith86

Lavinya Stennett

Activist and founder of social enterprise The Black Curriculum.

  • Instagram: @gottabelavin_ya

Kitty Hart-Moxon OBE

Retired radiographer, author, documentarian and Holocaust survivor.

Kate Parker

Barrister and founder of award-winning education charity Schools Consent Project.