In this new series, we will be sharing short interviews with the WIN team to give some insight into who we are and our unique ethos. This week’s subject is Development and Communications Manager, Tara Corry.

What’s your WIN origin story?

I joined WIN over 7 years ago, straight out of University. In my starting role as an intern, I really enjoyed being a part of a small women-led team so have stayed put ever since! It has been such a joy to watch WIN grow and develop during the time I have been involved.

How has interfaith dialogue shaped your life, either personally or professionally?

I have been involved in interfaith dialogue since my time at University. It has been the central part of my professional life, shaping my professional development. I really enjoy collaborating with other interfaith and faith-based organisations, learning from each other is a key aspect of interfaith work and it has enriched all areas of my life.

What has been the project or event you’ve been most proud of in your time at WIN? 

I have been proud to work on and co-found the award winning Faiths Against Domestic Abuse project with Faiths Forum for London. We have been able to meet with some inspiring women for this project and learnt so much from them and from the incredible service providers who are doing such important work.

Are there any upcoming projects you are excited about?

I’m excited to continue growing the network of WIN members. WIN is very much rooted in grass roots community work and we have all seen how essential these networks are during the pandemic. I am also looking forward to growing the All of Us Schools’ Campaign and continuing to work with young people.

What brings you joy outside of work?

I love spending time exploring London and swimming in the many pools, Lidos and swimming ponds!