On September 22nd WIN attended an event organised by the Derby Multi-Faith Centre at Derby Cathedral, including a special viewing of Luke Jerram’s Gaia: an illuminated three-dimensional snapshot of the globe presented alongside a sound installation. This was followed by a panel chaired by the Dean of Derby, the Very Revd. Dr. Peter Robinson, on climate, faith and peace. The Gaia installation is designed to mimic the Overlook Effect, an experience reported by astronauts as they first look down on the earth and are struck by its beauty and the strong sense of our interconnectedness as members of the human race. In the panel discussion, the Very Revd Dr. Robinson called representatives of different faiths and members of climate justice movements to reflect on creation and our responsibilities to one another and to the planet in the face of the climate crisis. The conversation was a fascinating reminder of the significant common ground between the faiths and showed an inspiring commitment from all attendees to be part of a greener future. As Eve Sacker, Interfaith Representative from Nottingham Liberal Synagogue said: ‘the Earth belongs to eternity…our responsibility is to keep it well.’

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Image shows interior of Derby Cathedral with Gaia installation illuminated in blue.

Gaia Installation at Derby Cathedral