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All of Us is a groundbreaking campaign aiming to tackle the global rise in cultural and religious intolerance. WIN teamed up with award-winning animators, Animage Films, to create the short animated film  ‘All of Us’. Educational workshops tailored for primary and secondary schools, colleges and for communities based around the film are now available.

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#WINwomen Project

We are so excited to launch our year long #WINwomen project! The aim of this project is to celebrate inspirational women alive today who we think have created exceptional change within their community or in society as a whole. The project will run for a whole year until IWD2022.  Today, we are launching the first 10 names on the list with many more to be added throughout the year with submissions from our members and friends! We are so excited to build up a resource list of incredible women.

#WINwomen List

First 10:

Naomi Dickson, Chief Executive, Jewish Women’s Aid

Naomi Dickson began working with Jewish Women’s Aid 18 years ago as a volunteer. She became Chief Executive in 2014 and has strengthened the organisation’s essential support services, providing a lifeline for victims of domestic abuse and sexual violence both within the Jewish community and beyond.

Amika George, Founder, Free Periods

Amika George is the founder of Free Periods, an organisation founded to end period poverty in schools. She began campaigning to end period poverty from the age of 17. Her efforts culminated in the UK government’s promise to providing funding for sanitary products in schools. She has written a book ‘Make It Happen: How to be an Activist’.

Nzambi Matee, Founder, Gjenge Makers

Nzambi Matee is the 29 year-old founder of the Nairobi-based company Gjenge Makers. The company has developed a method for turning waste plastic into lightweight, low-cost building material that is stronger than concrete. Nzambi was named the United Nations Environment Programme’s Young Campion of the Earth 2020 Africa.

Dr Ola Abu Al Ghaib, Manager, UN Partnership on Persons with Disabilities

Dr Ola Abu Al Ghaib is the manager of the UN Partnership on Persons with Disabilities, as well as a board member of the Global Disability Innovation Hub and the Disability Rights Fund. Born in Palestine, Dr Ola has worked for over two decades to improve the lives of people with disabilities, particularly for women across the Arab World.

Leymah Gbowee, Founder, Gbowee Peace Foundation Africa

Leymah Roberta Gbowee brought Christian and Muslim women together to form ‘Women of Liberia Mass Action for Peace’, a nonviolent movement of over 3,000 women that, in 2003, contributed to peace in Liberia after 14 years of civil war. In 2011 Leymah became a Nobel Peace Laureate and in 2012 she founded the Gbowee Peace Foundation Africa providing education and leadership opportunities to women and young people.

Cecilia Chung, Director of Evaluation and Strategic Initiatives at the Transgender Law Center

Cecilia Chung is an internationally recognised human rights advocate campaigning for HIV/AIDS awareness and treatment, LGBT equality and social justice. Having immigrated to the USA from Hong Kong Cecilia faced homelessness for a time. She has since chaired the San Francisco Human Rights Commission and now serves on the Health Commission. She is also the Director of Evaluation and Strategic Initiatives at the Transgender Law Center.

Sinéad Burke, Founder, Tilting the Lens

Sinéad Burke is an advocate for people with disabilities, particularly advocating for inclusivity in the fashion and design industries, she is also a trained teacher. Born in Dublin, she is a contributing editor of British Vogue and the founder of Tilting the Lens, a consultancy organisation looking to create accessibility solutions for people with disabilities. She has written a book ‘Break the Mould: How to take your place in the world’, a guide for children to take pride in their difference.

Olivia Hancock, Campaigner

Olivia Hancock is a 15 year-old campaigner, aiming to end sexism in women’s football and to introduce the sport for all girls in primary schools. She addressed the Union of European Football Association in 2019 and aiming to encourage more young women to find their passion in sport.

Wendy Olayiwola, Chief Nursing Officer, Black and Minority Ethnic Strategic Advisory Group, NHS

Wendy Olayiwola has worked in the NHS for 24 years, she is now a Senior Midwifery Manager at a large NHS Trust and the project manager for Better Births, a project aiming to develop better care for pregnant women. Wendy provides training and mentorship to nurses and midwives globally and is also Chief Nursing Officer for the Black and Minority Ethnic (BAME) Strategic Advisory Group. Through this role Wendy is working towards providing better care for BAME groups in the NHS.

Nadia Murad, President, Nadia’s Initiative

Nadia Murad, a member of the Yazidi community, was captured by Islamic State in 2014 alongside women and girls from her village in northern Iraq. Men in her village, including some of her family members, were murdered in the attack. Whilst captured, Nadia survived beatings, rape and other violence before escaping. She is an advocate for the protection of the Yazidi people and President of Nadia’s Initiative, an organisation working towards rebuilding communities and advocating for survivors of sexual violence.

The next five #WINwomen names where announced on UN Earth Day, on the 22nd of April 2021. This cohort of five remarkable women focused on those working to protect our planet and it’s resources.

Nguy Thi Khanh, Founder, Green Innovation and Development Center

Nguy Thi Khanh is leading the charge towards renewable energies in Vietnam. In response to the nation’s growing economy and reliance on coal, she founded the Green Innovation and Development Centre and brought together a network of 11 national and international organisations under the Vietnam Sustainable Energy Alliance. Through these coalitions, she works to envision a greener future for Vietnam and to raise awareness about the negative impacts of coal burning.

Nemonte Nenquimo, Co-founder, Ceibo Alliance

Nemonte Nenquimo, a leader among the indigenous Waorani people of the Ecuadorean Amazon, is a grassroots activist recently recognised by the Goldman environmental prize in 2020. This award follows their 2019 court victory against the Ecuadorean government to protect 500,000 acres of rainforest from oil extraction. She is also the co-founder of the indigenous-led Ceibo Alliance, a non-profit working to protect indigenous rights and culture.

Dr. Sylvia Earle, Explorer in Residence, National Geographic 

Dr. Sylvia Earle is an American oceanographer, documentarian and passionate advocate for protecting the world’s oceans. She has been a National Geographic Explorer in Residence since 1998 – the first woman to hold this post – and was named Time magazine’s first Hero for the Planet the same year. She now spearheads the Mission Blue coalition and is part of the activist alliance Ocean Elders.

Isatou Ceesay, Founder, One Plastic Bag

Isatou Ceesay, known as the Queen of Recycling, is a social entrepeneur and environmentalist in the Gambia tackling the growing problem of plastic waste. Her initiative One Plastic Bag, originally founded as a local women’s cooperative, transforms plastic into fashion accessories, providing training opportunities and increased financial independence for women makers in the process. In 2012 she was recognised for this work by the International Alliance for Women.

Archana Soreng, UN Youth Advisor on Climate Change

Archana Soreng is an indigenous climate activist from the Kharia people of Odisha, India. Her activism emphasises the role of indigenous communities in protecting the environment, as well as the need to safeguard these communities from the impact of climate change, which will have devastating implications for their culture and livelihoods. In 2020, she was one of seven appointed to the UN Youth Advisory Group on Climate Change.

This list will be added to throughout the year.

‘Unexpected Connections’ for InterFaith Week 2020

This year has brought us all challenges, sadness and many difficulties. It has also, however, driven us to share and collaborate in new unexpected ways.

At WIN, we have found that through working with women for over 15 years, that the strongest interfaith relationships are often built on the surprising connections, similarities and shared experiences that we have with others. Even those from vastly different faith and cultural backgrounds can find connections over a shared love of food, a shared experience or cultural practise.

To mark this extraordinary year and a different kind of Interfaith Week, we focused on ‘Unexpected Connections’. We received poems, drawings, written accounts and stories from our members showing how their involvement in interfaith work had bought about enriching and surprising relationships with those they’d least expect.

Faiths Against Domestic Abuse  campaign

Since Covid-19 restrictions were imposed in 2020, calls to Refuge, the UK’s largest domestic abuse charity, have increased overnight by 120%. Two women a week are killed by a current or former partner in England and Wales*. We believe it is exceptionally important that faith communities take a lead in acknowledging and responding to these shocking statistics.

In response to this crisis, Faiths United, in partnership with Faiths Forum for London (FFL), Women’s Interfaith Network and Strengthening Faith Institutions (SFI) have created a multi-faith domestic abuse awareness campaign, Faiths Against Domestic Abuse (FADA)

Domestic abuse is present in all areas of society, including within faith communities. We believe it is essential that we, as all-faith-and-none communities, continue to help victims and highlight the support networks available.

We have released a joint statement that features signatories from faith-based domestic abuse organisations across the UK. Click HERE to view national media coverage of the joint statement.

We also held multiple FADA online webinars & workshops with speakers including Nicole Jacobs Designate Domestic Abuse Commissioner for England and Wales.

We also launched the first national Faiths Against Domestic Abuse week from the 23rd to 27th of November 2020. Partners on the campaign included Jewish Women’s Aid, The Sharan Project, The Faith and Belief Forum and Near Neighbours.You can read coverage of the campaign in The Jewish Chronicle HERE

Follow us on social media to keep up with our campaign #FaithsAgainstDomesticAbuse.

*Statistic from Refuge

If you are in immediate danger, please call the police on 999. If you are unable to talk, press 55 when prompted (only on mobile phones)

“Through dialogue, understanding and respecting each other’s culture, religion and traditions, I have found many similarities and few differences. I have made many friends amongst my fellow WIN members and feel empowered to contribute to greater unity, peace and harmony within our diverse communities.” 

Dr Kapur, Gants Hill WIN